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Jan 14 5:15pm
Valley Fork School

 B Ball season
 New Budget Digest Grants
 Short comings
 Selling trailer, generator stage, welcome center

Station Report
 Down Jan 10 4pm
 New shows
 B Ball season

Anything else

Station Report
Jan 14 2013

    It’s been a whirl wind month since the Board last met.  The entire operation has moved to the new location at Valley Fork. It was a huge effort to get everything out of the old trailer and either in storage or in the new room. Dave, Beth, Roho and Pete came thru in flying colors as truck load after truck load was boxed , moved or tossed. It is unbelievable how much we have accumulated after 8 years of operation.
  Old time  station friend Dave Reese came thru Sunday night  and helped get the signal back on air around 6pm. We had been off since Thursday Jan 10 at 4pm.
  The new place feels cleaner, has better HVAC, less windy windows, and far superior internet speed. The neighbors have been very helpful. All that makes for a better operation in the future.
  The wa wa service at the trailer will be disconnected on Jan 15th. So to is the DSL service. I plan to leave the telephone on for another day or two.  The trailer, stage, and generator are now for sale, $1800, best offer, and $300 respectively.
  There are problems. The internet service is much faster but is locked down by the school administrator. That locked situation  keeps us from doing several things including remote connections to change programs and playlists. That is very important and allows at home changes without a drive over to the station. Connie Lupardus is contacting the college IT person to see if a port can be opened us allowing us full use of the service. Keep your fingers crossed.
   Since the Board last met, we lost a long time program, Route 66 but added Footlight Parade a 59 minute program on Broadway musicals. The  2minute Good Heavens astrology show is being aired four times daily and is pretty cool.
   Equipment wise, nothing is broke but some things are misplaced for now.
  WYAP purchased an internet phone system for $50 and plans to try it out tonight during the CHS ballgame. Testing from home shows a good clear voice but but but, West Virginia is the only state in the nation that nettalk cannot get area codes for.  Long distant calls can be expensive when you cover a three hour ballgame.
  To get thru this pinch, the College is allowing us to stretch a phone line from their office to the station so we can sportscast the ballgames this week.
AW end


WYAP BD Meeting
Feb 11 2013
Valley Fork Station
Everyone Welcome

 Old Utility Bills Pay Off
 Stage/Welcome Center
 Budget Digest Grants
  Senate Roof
  House broadcast gear
 Valentine Dance Report

Station Report
 Move Complete 
 Old Station Clean Up & B Ball Hoops
 Music Show Changes
 New DJs, Returning DJ
 Internet Outages
 B Ball Season
 Mini transmitter at station
 Upgrade main drive puter
 Use of Magic Jack Tele

Stuff to Do
 Clean out building materials
 Move unused panels to gym
 Straigten up Gym
 Install EAS system
 Install other antenna and bigger transmitter
 Put up Banner
 Purchase building signs

Feb 2013 Station Report

 With the VF station up and running, there is a new feeling, a renewed vigor at WYAP. It feels like 12 years ago when everyone was excited to get a signal on the air. It’s a nice feeling
  Avis R returned to the airwaves Jan 27th 2012 with the once  week Saturday afternoon at 2pm, Avis’ Classic Country Show. Avis was one of our earliest broadcasters and has been gone from the mic for 5 years.
   Dave D and Roho continue to do an excellent job with their many offerings.   Fred announced that he would be returning to a Thursday night spot beginning in two weeks or so. Fred’s Roundtable Discussion show has been off the air for about 9 months and is a welcome return
   Programming wise, in Jan we lost the Route 66 Oldies Show. The new astrology program and footlight parade are helping to round out our stable.
   Each Friday at Noon:45, the daycare kids are coming to the station where they sing a song and are given time to talk on the radio. Nice.
   Additional emails have been sent to Glenville about their students using 101.7 for practice broadcasting or at least canned programming.
   At the VF station, the new layout is a much more usable layout especially the live booth. A new round table has been purchased ($65) for large group programs and a general work space
   Pete changed the software used to drive one of the web cams which also is new (donation). The new stuff is working well. The old cam software will be switched out ASAP
  Compliments donations from Delta and Pete, by the time of this Bd meeting, the station should be operating with a newer, faster, more capacity, main drive puter in the live booth. The old one, which is still working OK, will be kept as a backup. Soon we hope to purchase another WV Surplus puter to replace the one in the financial office, puter 4.
  To save $$$,  our landline telephone was cancelled in Jan. Instead of the $55 per month service, we’re now using the Magic Jack internet telephony system. The initial expense was around $70 which includes one year of service. We spent another $20 to have Magic Jack transfer our 587 8353 number to the internet. After the first year , we will be charged $30 per year for telephony service and $20 to keep that number. Instead of $660 per year, we will be coughing up just $50.
   The old trailer insurance was cancelled Jan 31st. With that off our $550 a year policy, we should be around $350 for 12 months which still includes liability coverage for our events. We do NOT have broadcast liability coverage which is around $2000 per year.
  To make this move complete, we need to purchase two 2’ x 4’ polycore signs for the outside of the building. The “101.7 FM” signs will be mounted on the paved road side and on opposite ends.
  The station now has one of those blue upright banners that once graced a utility pole in the downtown. We need to install that here at McGolgin Gap in the near future.
  Other than using the gym for storage, YAP has not approached CAEZ for use of the building for shows, dances, etc. After everything gets going good inside Studio 12A, we should approach their Board for permission.
   With about 99.9% of the moving and set up done, the new location is quite an improvement over the trailer; offers a much more spacious look; feels cleaner and neater; and, is offering a chance at additional programming, programmers, from the Spokes Agency and the Patch DayCare in the basement. A lot of work but darn nice!

Board Meeting Minutes Jan 14 2013

Present:  Fred Sampson, Elizabeth Sampson, Dave Derby, Peter Triplett, Andy Waddell
  In the Valley Fork School location, rent is due on the 15th of each. Yap has paid $100 for Jan 1 thru 14th so far. Instead of using a landline telephone service, the station is experimenting with NetTalk and MagicJack internet services.
   All utilities at the old location will be disconnected by the end of the month including insurance coverage.
   Pete is trying to hook up a mini, onboard the computer, transmitter so we can better monitor the FM signal.
   Pete is cleaning the hard drive on the main puter.
   Two Budget Digest grants are ready to spend now. Dave Derby asked about adding a second antenna on Triplett Ridge for better coverage of existing market.
  Basketball season sponsors need to be billed.
  There was a big wa wa leak at the Welcome Center which ran for several days before it was secured off. 
   Andy is to call Pacifica to work out a broadcast deal to continue their programming on 101.7FM.
  Station report was read and discussed.
  Discussion on Valentine Dance conflicts with CHS Cancer Awareness Dance at the Two Run on Feb 9th. Consensus, if CHS hold their fundraiser, we will not.
Minutes prepared by A Waddell


March 11th 5:15pm
Valley Fork School
Studio 12 B
Everyone Welcome

  Bank Account
  Paying old utilities, now end balances
  Budget Digest ready to use
  New requests from Senate
  New requests from Delegates
Membership Campaign
Station Report
   new programs
   program loss
   innkeeper vs broadcast box
   Baseball schedule
   mini transmitter
   big transmitter
Participation in Easter Day
Participation in Elk Fest
June Jams
Discussion on use of parking lot, gym,
Anything else?

March 11 2013

   Morning person Zak R has been on the job three weeks. His performance both on air and off air has been excellent. In addition to picking up skills very quick, he regularly comes up with other stuff to do at the station. His attitude is second to none. A second morning person, this one from DHHR, did not work out. An email was sent to Pam Street March 11th requesting that she place the young lady elsewhere.
  Just as this non profit struggles, others are having serious sustainability problems. Initiative Radio, a long time content provider has reduced it’s offering to once a month from weekly.  Earth and Sky daily programming will cease operation on June 1st. The producer of New Dimensions Radio passed away in Feb and that show appears to be heading down the tubes as well.   YAP added the All Mixed Up show (2 hours) for Saturday programming in Feb. It’s an interesting program with odd ball music genres. Everything Sound is a 10 minutes weekly program that is very quirky but interesting. 
  At the station, one of our channels on the mixer board (now 8 years old) has gone kurplunk. May try to use some kind of internal cleaner to fix the problem. In any event, we had a spare channel which is now being used.
  The discussion room mic was hooked up and is doing great. Since we last met, Pete donated a good used puter replacing our oldest unit. He also came up with two more web cams and a great laser printer complete with to new laser cartridges. Delta donated a puter which was upgraded and put in service as the main drive puter in the live booth. The one it replaced is in good shape and is being kept as a backup unit.
   The internet at the station is the fastest in the county. There are still problems tho. On several occasions, the Fronteir internet completely shut down rendering us off the air. In one instance, we were mum for nearly three days.
  The hope is to install our backup transmitter and antenna at the station as soon as the weather breaks. When set up, even if the internet goes down, WYAP will remain on the air and serving at least part of the county.
  In the way of new equipment, YAP purchased a new “splinter” for the discussion mic which should make it even easier to use. Phantom power was added to the mixer as well.
   The biggest improvement was made during basketball season with the addition of the “innkeeper” transmission device. Now in use, our remote broadcasts are much louder and clearer. The Innkeeper ($500) was donated by Mr Eakle two years ago. To make for easier use, we hope to upgrade to an Innkeeper model that is designed specifically for broadcasting.
  The operation at VF has been revitalized. We have more local content programming and more voices on the air. The place is cleaner, neater more user friendly, just for starters.
   We are completely out of the old location which was cleaned up and left in good order.
   Coming up…. WYAP plans to sportscast 10 baseball/softball games beginning in two weeks. TG will again donate his cell phone minutes for those offerings.
  June Jams are just around the corner. With a planned change to record our veteran artists, WYAP needs to order a recording device and do so real soon.
  Finally, we need to open a dialog with CAEZ about using the school front parking and or gym for our summer events.

March 2013 Financial Report
(as of 3/11/13)

Beginning Balance

Checks Written:
Auto – Oriental Trading 2/6
Auto – Radioshack 2/15
Auto – Family Dollar 2/19
Auto – SCMS Inc Web 2/21
Auto – ATM withdrawal 2/25
Auto – Lowe's 2/28
Ck #2345 Farm Store 1/27
Ck #2347 Freda Auxier 2/8
Ck #2348 Senior Center Rent 1 Night 2/9
Ck #2349 Beth Duffield 2/11
Ck #2350 Delta 2/13
Ck #2352 Poca High 2/20
Ck #2353 CAEZ Feb. 15 to Mar. 15 Rent
Ck #2354 Poca High 2/22 Game 2 Royalty

Deposits Made:
02/11/13 – CCB Basketball Sponsorship
02/11/13 - $50 Julie Triplett (outhouse)/$123 Valentine Dance
02/11/13 - $40 Star donation/$150 Bball Sponsors (Asbury, Inside Out, Updegrave)
02/14/13 - $100 Mike Evans speaker purchase/Bball Sponsor (Del. Walker)
02/19/13 – Delta donation
Ending Balance
Checks Outstanding:
Ck #2344 Dan Sizemore (Dec/Jan lot rent)
Ck #2351 Pacifica dues
Ck #2355 Post Office
Ck #2356 WVSSAC Lady Panters
Auto – Stream Station
Ck #2357 Beth Duffield (Mar./2 hrs)
Deposits Not Credited:
3/11 to be deposited (204.47 Delta reimburse/50 Bball Delta/50 Fball Delta/150 
        generator sale/21.19 Delta - Hub)
3/11 to be deposited (160 Peavy speaker sale/70 D. Pierson sponsor/20 
        Membership/50 Bball CCServices/20 Star donation)
Best Guess as of 3/11/13
Bills Due:
Black Diamond Power Co. - Final Billing
Frontier – Final Billing (shows a credit balance)
Southern States (due 3/30/13)
Clay Water (due 2/20/13)
CAEZ rent (due 3/15)
Stream Station – monthly automatic payment

 February 11, 2013

Present:  Fred Sampson, Pete Triplett, Elizabeth Sampson, Andy Waddell
Motion by Elizabeth, seconded by Fred, Financial Statement approved unanimously
 Consensus to pay Pacifica $100 up front fee and $15 per month as is the agreement with Urssala at Pacifica. Discussion on paying all old bills. Decision to wait until final utility bill statement arrive before paying. Go ahead and pay USPO for one year for mail box. Andy will apply for Community Partnerships Grants for the station.
 Station Report: Avis Rose returned to the mic and is producing a Saturday Afternoon Classic Country Show. The only thing left to move from old location are two basketball hoops. Basketball season is going very well with much improved sound quality and without buffering and drops.
 Motion by Fred, seconded by Dave to purchase two large outdoor signs. 
 Discussion to dig up, find old by-laws, make copies and email to Board.


WYAP Bd Meeting
April 8 2013
At the Station
Everyone Welcome

 Monthly statement
 $300 from $2500 grant
 $1000 Grant
 2nd Antenna, maybe VF transmitter will work
 $2500 grant ready to spend
 2013 $14,000 request
 Membership campaign 

Station Report
 New Programs
 New People
 Zak to return
 CAEZ OK gym use
 Summer activities and volunteer support
 Concessionaire needed

April 2013 Station Report

New Broadcaster Brian
Zak leaves morning show but may return as a volunteer after work
Pulse of the World
Roundtable Program returns with better mic set up
New Name for outdoor music shows: Schoolhouse Concerts
Baseball Season rebroadcasts
Real need for proper recorder this summer
Elk Fest Live Concert
New Stage needed along with a few new mic cables
No update on setting up old transmitter at VF
No update on ACF , that may be bad

April 2013 Financial Report (as of 4/08/13)

Beginning Balance

Checks Written:
Auto – Stream Station (March pymt.)
Auto – SCMS Inc. Web
Auto – Staples 
Auto – Stream Station (April pymt.)
Ck #2355 US Post Office (1 yr box rent)
Ck #2356 WVSSAC (Tolsia v. Panthers)
Ck #2358 Farm Store
Ck #2359 Clay Water
Ck #2360 Elk Power 
Ck #2361 BMI 
Ck #2362 CAEZ (3/15 – 4/15)

Deposits Made:
03/12/13 – (160 Peavy speaker sale/70 D. Pierson sponsor/20 Membership/50 Bball 
                   CCServices/20 Star donation)
03/12/13 - (204.47 Delta reimburse/50 Bball Delta/50 Fball Delta/150 
                   generator sale/21.19 Delta - Hub)
Ending Balance

Checks Outstanding:
Ck #2344  Dan Sizemore Dec/Jan Lot Rent
Ck #2351  Pacifica Dues
Ck #2357 Beth Duffield (Mar./2 hrs)
Ck #2363 TG Griffith – travel expense
Ck #2364 Dave Woods – travel expense
Ck #2370 Rodney Alshire – travel expense
Ck #2371 Beth Duffield (Apr./2hrs)

Deposits Not Credited:
4/8 to be deposited ($50 D Pierson half pymt bball sectional/$26.90 Frontier Refund /$100 D Derby final pymt generator/$100 baseball sponsors)
4/8 to be deposited ($200 Workmans sponsor/$20 Star donation)
Best Guess as of 3/11/13
Bills Due:
Black Diamond Power Co. - Remaining Payment Due
Southern States (due 4/30/13)
CAEZ rent (due 4/15)
Stream Station – monthly automatic payment (next due 5/1)
Delta Communications – Advertising
ASCAP – Annual License Fee

Board Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2012

Present:Fred Sampson, Elizabeth Sampson, Dave Derby, Andy Waddell

Motion by Dave, 2nd by Elizabeth, Financial Statement approved unanimously
 Discussion on paying old utility bills with consensus to pay $400 on the power bill plus BMI royalty fee for this year.
 Received letter from ACF and YAP is still in consideration for 2013 grant.
 Dave asked about finding an expert to help with installing antenna for better coverage.
 Motion by Andy, second by Dave to hire Beth D to handle the 2013 membership campaign. Motion by Elizabeth, second by Dave to budget $100 toward the campaign. Motions passed unanimously.
 Station Report discussed, no vote. With summer coming, discussion on locating a stage for June Jam performances near the main building. Andy will be approach the CAEZ for use of the gym during inclement weather. WYAP applied for Community partnership grant to replace the roof on the CAEZ gym.


WYAP-LP 101.7 FM
Board Meeting
At the Station
May 13     5:15pm
Everyone Welcome

 Financial report
 1 royalty left, balance on electric
 $300 balance grant
 $1000 grant spend and recipts in by june 30!!!!
 Membership Campaign
 Baseball sponsors
Station Report
 Newbees: Crystal, Aaron, Stephanie, Brian
 New shows, Pulse of Planet, Take Heart, 
 Gym pressure washing, floor repair, junk removal, 
Schoolhouse Concerts
 New mixer
 New recorder
 Other equipment needs: more mic cables, long cable from gym to station, quilt backdrop,  fix corn hole boards, banners,
 Signs ordered
 Test Memorial Weekend
Anything else

Station Report May 2013

 Now four months into the new location, WYAP is experiencing local content growth for the first time in a long time.
 Aaron Shamblin use to be part of the Sports Circus show several years ago. He's back with a new offering called Take Heart which is a contemporary gospel music and spoken work show. He produces the show Tuesday night's beginning at 7pm. With no call to actions allowed, Aaron is providing a values and King James vision for young Christians.
 Brian King has been on the air with a modern rock, grundz, screaming music, show Wed night's. Brian is having a schedule conflict difficulties with his show. He is also a part of the Take Heart show on Tuesday's.
 Crystal Samples and Stephanie Smarr are our newest workers thru Lucy Cruickshank's community service program.
 Stephanie is a short termer with just 100 hours needed. She has indicated a desire to continue at the station after community service is complete. Stephanie works 9 to 2 shift and keeps information flowing on 101.7 FM in addition to cueing various new shows.
 Crystal works the afternoon shift from noon to 5pm. She has many service hours to get under her belt. I hope WYAP is able to have her services for all of em.
 Both are learning quickly and have good on air voices plus computer skills. While at the station, and providing an on-air presence daily, both are also recording much needed new service announcements and ripping Midnight Special programs.
 Online listenership is up, in my opinion, due to having real people on air providing current info.
 Stephanie and Crystal plan to combine their talents from 1 to 2pm weekdays and produce the CrystalSteph Show dealing with youg mother issues.
 New YWCA Domestic Violence coordinator Valerie Sterge is doing regular question and answer live interview on YAP radio. Those 30 minute shows are taped and rebroadcast during the week. Bringing in informed locals and providing a platform is something we need to do more of and it's finally happening on air.
 Just as we struggle to make ends meet, several of our program providers are having like problems. Initiative Radio cut it's offerings to once a month and for just 30 minutes. Earth and Sky died as did the Vault with Anthony Luceno.
 Pacifica radio is one of our sources for quality programs. We pay for those offerings. WYAP is now hooked up with Creative PR which offers several short programs for our carriage at no cost. They do not offer any daily newsy stuff. Creative is more along the lines of cultural programs.
 In the live booth we are having problems with the Arrakis mixer board. When the DJ stops the playlist audio to talk, the playlist can still be heard in the background. It's a real problem and may require the Arrakis to be sent back for repairs which would take about 10 days and a like amount of down time.
 Most importantly, the small transmitter was hooked up at the station as well as the old Comet antenna which now supply our signal to much of Wallback. This is great!!!
 We are continuing to adjust the main antenna on Triplett Ridge for best audio and without conflict in the Wallback area.
Report prepared by AW

May 2013 Financial Report (as of 5/13/13)

Beginning Balance
Checks Written:
Auto – Radioshack (4/11)
Auto – Don Ramon Ebay Purchase (4/23)
Ck#2357 Beth Duffield (3/11)
Ck#2363 TG Griffith – travel expense (3/21)

Deposits Made:
($50 D Pierson half pymt bball sectional/$26.90 Frontier Refund /$100 D Derby final pymt generator/$100 baseball sponsors)
($200 Workmans sponsor/$20 Star donation)
Ending Balance

Checks Outstanding:
Ck #2344  Dan Sizemore Dec/Jan Lot Rent
Ck #2351  Pacifica Dues
Ck #2364 Dave Woods – travel expense
Ck #2370 Rodney Alshire – travel expense – VOID donated back VOID
Ck #2371 Beth Duffield (Apr./2hrs)
Ck #2372 CAEZ (4/18) Rent 4/15 to 5/15
Ck #2373 Sesac (5/6) Broadcasting Dues
Ck #2374 Farm Store (5/6)
Ck #2375 Black Diamond (5/6)
Ck #2376 State Auto Ins. (5/7)
Ck #2377 Pacifica Monthly Pymt (Feb/Mar/Apr/May)
Ck #2378 VOID
Ck #2379 Beth Duffield (May/2hrs)
POS – Stream Station (5/1)

Deposits Not Credited:
To be deposited 5/13/13 - Star Communications Donation 

Best Guess as of 3/11/13

Bills Due:
Black Diamond Power Co. - Remaining Payment Due

Southern States (due 5/30/13)
CAEZ rent (due 5/15)
Stream Station – monthly automatic payment (next due 6/1)
Delta Communications – Advertising
ASCAP – Annual License Fee

Board Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2013

Present: Pete, Fred, Andy, Elizabeth

Meeting called to order at 5:30pm at the station

Minutes for January 2013 approved on motion by Andy, Seconded by Elizabeth

Minutes for February 2013 approved on motion by Andy, Seconded by Elizabeth

Minutes for March 2013 approved on motion by Fred, seconded by Elizabeth

 Financial Statement discussed and approved on motion by Elizabeth seconded by Fred. Decision by board to discontinue the Stream My Station service until Football season begins in August. Grant monies will be used to purchase new coax cable, recorder, and no powered consol mixer. $100 will be paid toward old power bill and one more royalty will be paid.

Station report discussed, no vote

 Work party needed to get ready for summer music season. The old stage needs moved to new location; the gym needs power washed, corn-hole courts need rebuilt, floors need scrubbed, walls need painted, and roof needs repaired.

 Old Summer Jam name will now be changed to Old Schoolhouse Concerts with the addition of interviewing senior performers live before each 45 minute performance. Interviews and music will be recorded and provided the artists if we can purchase a new recorder.
Minutes prepared by A Waddell


Board Meeting
Monday June 10th 5:15pm
At the Station
Everyone Welcome

Minutes    May
 300 grant
 1000 grant
 2500 grant
 Membership campaign
Station Report
 Community workers
 New programming
Concert series
 First concert held
 Recording concerts
Work Party
 Signs to building
 Banner to building

Anything else

Station Report  June 2013

 Last month was an impressive month in many ways. 
    First, in May our main hard drive (HD) pooped out. When it took a dump, the station was down for about 24 hours or so. On the HD was our entire stash of great music and collections of old shows. Fortunately, the back up HD had  about 2/3’s of our stuff. Quickly, Pete was able to get us back on the air. We have a donated HD which we plan to use as the new back up unit soon.
   Our newest broadcaster Aaron Shamblin is doing a great job each Tuesday night with his Awakener show. Last week he had a guest on hand to interview as well as Brian King at the ready.  The hope is that Aaron can start recording his shows and distribute them to other community stations. I am monitoring his show as much as I can to make sure the station stays in compliance as an educational outlet and not a religious broadcast station.
  Brian says he will return to his Wed evening slot once Aaron gets a few more shows under his belt
  Community worker Stephanie made it  off and on for a couple weeks before taking a waitress job in Elkview. Although she said she would like to continue at the station and committed to being a part of the Concert series, I think Stephanie is off on new adventures elsewhere. 
   Crystal S has really stepped up to the plate and made a foot print on 101.7FM. She’s now our weekday morning person as well as doing a weed day 2 to 3pm show, Crystal Clear. While not on air, she has been coming up with a bunch of new PSAs, composing the membership campaign letter, working her butt off in the gym getting ready for Concerts, and handling janitor duties.
  Dave has been away from the mic and we look forward to getting him back on the weekends. Roho continues his programming each Wed and Friday. He’s added a theme song that’s real cute.
  The YWCA advocate Valerie S. continues with interviews about every other week with encore broadcasts between times. So far, teen violence and her program offerings have been topic areas. Next edition will be on elderly abuse. The Friday daycare kids are great. I plan to turn those duties over to Crystal sometime in the near future.
   Our online listenership is up. Several times in the evenings, I’ve seen four to six listening. With our most robust local content programming in years, impressive comes to mind!
    Sadly our morning news cast, Aljzerra English will go off the air in the middle of August. That will be greatly missed.
  Equipment wise, other than the HD, nothing else is Kapoot.
Prepared by Andy W

June 2013 Financial Report (as of 6/08/13)

Beginning Balance

Checks Written:
Auto – (equip purchase 5/28)
Auto – Stream Station (6/1)
Ck#2380 Caez Rent (5/22)
Ck#2381 Beth Duffield – 2hrs. June Financials (6/8/13)

Deposits Made:
  5/17/13 (50 Delta & 50 Bickmore Tire Bball sponsors)
  5/22/13 (90 memberships – F. Sampson/L. Sampson/A. Waddell)
  5/23/13 (1100 Sampson equip. loan/30 P. Triplett membership fee)

Ending Balance

Deposits Not Credited:
To be deposited 6/10/13 – (20 Star Donation/50 M. Asbury bball sponsor)

Best Guess as of 6/8/13

Bills Due:
Black Diamond Power Co. - Remaining Payment Due

Southern States (due 5/30/13)
MonPower (Gymnasium – Avg. mo. Pymt to be approx. $24.00)
CAEZ rent (due 6/15)
Stream Station – monthly automatic payment (next due 7/1)
Delta Communications – Advertising
ASCAP – Annual License Fee
Sec. State annual license fee (6/30)

NOTE – Bank Statements not received for May.  Financial Statement prepared using check book and receipts on file.


   Before any performer took the stage, there was a bunch of volunteer work done in the VF gym. Sweat equity includes: removal of a ton of junk, cleaning out the storage room, power washing the place twice, figuring out the wiring, removing old team benches, moving in the old stage, building a new stage, wiring the new stage, organizing the schedule, and making new signs.  Dave and Crystal were instrumental in those efforts
  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to build a mobile stage for outdoor use. Also, the 15 gallons of CAEZ paint would not stick to the gym walls. One guy thought the multi color pealing paint walls looks artsy fartsy while others think it’s dirty looking.
   Concessions this year will be done by various 4H groups.
   A BDA grant provided new signs for the Schoolhouse Concerts.
  The first show was June 8th. The new interview followed by a 45 minute performance seemed to go over well. The new electric service on stage held up as did the timeline for getting people off and on.
  One lady thought parking in the ballfield was too far to walk. Maybe we should offer some kind of stop and drop area for attendees.
  The new (ebay $317) mixer board worked great and without hum. The new recorder ($200) did a good job although we still have to figure out the features on it, IE: we haven’t read the manual.
  YAP also ordered a 200’ cable to connect the gym to the station. That cable did not come in for the June 8th show. Instead, the recorded show was delay broadcast later that night and Sunday evening. After editing Sunday morning, the quality was pretty darn good.
  To pull this season off, it will really take about 5 people each time we go on the air. On the 8th we had that many and things went pretty smooth.
  Attendance may be a problem in our new location. Not sure we can do anything about it but for our finances, larger numbers are needed.
  Dave agreed to take apart the old stage and get it out of the gym. We have one of the new signs on the station building and have a second ready for mounting as well as putting up a couple banners.
  With warts and bumps galore, the 2013 season is underway.

May 2013 WYAP Bd Meeting Minutes

Present: Elizabeth, Pete, Fred, and Andy
  Opening followed by motion from Andy, second by Fred, to approve the April 2013 minutes. Motion passed.
  Motion by Fred, second by Andy, to ask Crystal to handling marketing chores , AKA, the membership begging letter. Motion passed.
  Fred, Elizabeth, Pete, and Andy paid their annual dues.
  Discussion turned to the upcoming Schoolhouse Concert series. Pete and andy committed to being on hand for all the concerts. Fred and Elizabeth gave the thumbs up being on hand, June 22nd and 29th. When there Fred will handle Kazoo band Directorship. Jim Ryan also agreed before the meeting to handle the 50/50 fundraiser duties.
   After discussion on equipment needs and a $1000 grant which has to be spent by June 30th, Fred and Elizabeth agreed to loan the station without interest $1100 which will be repaid when the grant funds arrive. Max time limit is 90 days. The new dollars will be used to purchase a 200’ coax cable for the gym to station connection, a digital recorder, new stage cables and supplies as need. Out of the $1100, we have already purchased a $317 mixer consul and $90 something or other (forgot right now).
    Motion by Fred on the $110 loan, Andy seconded, motion passed
Minutes prepared by Andy

July Board Meeting Info
Board Meeting
July 16 2013
At the Station  5:15pm
Everyone Welcome

New Records
 Financial Report Beth
 $3000 ACF
 $2500 Budget Digest
Membership Campaign
 Crystal Letter
 Beth address list
Concert Update
 Fall removal of stage
Station Report
Erecting the tower
Football Season
Anything else

July 2013 Financial Report (as of 7/13/13)

$1,040.35 Beginning Balance
 Checks Written:
$10.08 POS Foodland (6/3)
$32.72 POS Kazoobie Kazoos (6/18)
$38.84 Monoprice Inc. (6/18)
$16.00 CK #2381 Beth Duffield 2 hrs – June Financials
$213.02 CK #2382 CAEZ Rent and Electric

 Deposits Made:
$0.00 None

$729.69 Ending Balance

 Deposits Not Credited:
$70.00 To be deposited 6/10/13 – (20 Star Donation/50 M. Asbury bball sponsor)
$251.00 To be deposited 7/13/13 – (40 Donation/30 Membership/181 Concerts)

  Checks Outstanding:
$200.00 CK# 2344 Dan Sizemore Dec/Jan Lot Rent
$115.00 CK# 2351 Pacifica Dues
$40.00 CK# 2364 Dave Woods – travel expenses
$60.00 CK# 2377 Pacifica Dues (Feb/Mar/Apr/May)
$25.00 CK# 2383 Sec. Of State (6/29)
$20.00 CK# 2384 Beth Duffield (7/13) July Financials 2.5 hours
$25.00 POS Stream Station (5/1)
$25.00 POS Stream Station (6/1)
$19.00 POS Weather Watcher (6/30)
$521.69 Best Guess as of 7/13/13

 Bills Due:
$79.33 Black Diamond Power Co. - Remaining Payment Due
$85.43 Southern States (due 7/31)
$24.00 MonPower (Gymnasium – Avg. mo. Pymt)
$200.00 CAEZ rent (due 7/15)
$25.00 Stream Station – monthly automatic payment (next due 7/1)
$190.00 Delta Communications – Advertising
$269.00 ASCAP – Annual License Fee – PAST DUE


 WYAP has offered outdoor music shows for a decade now. We started with Summer Jams at the triangle in Two Run with dangerous overflow crowds. We grew into our second location in the Fas Chek parking lot in downtown Clay. There we averaged 50 to 100 each night for the Summer Jams which evolved into June Jams for three years due to the  loss of many senior musicians. Here at the Valley Fork location, we moved indoors and changed the name to Old Schoolhouse Concerts reflecting the historic recording element of our work. With just one concert left in the 2013 series, here's an update on what's been going on.
 For the first time ever, WYAP successfully recorded each program and provided  a master CD to each artist. That was made possible with the purchase of a Zoom digital recorder ($200) and the puter expertise of Peter T
 For the first time ever, the station aired encore programs after the concerts with a   followed up on Sunday's at 8pm. Several of the artists have emailed that they were happy to hear themselves, good or bad. Internet listenership was up during those encore shows
 For the first time ever, the concerts were held inside  a building and without regard to the weather. The concert hall was warm during the shows but not unbearable. Echo was none existent. Acoustically, the sounds were great.
 For the first time ever, WYAP interviewed each star and got their thoughts recorded for future generations.
 For the first time ever we had enough volunteers on hand for each concert to make things happen right and on time.
 The Bose system filled the room and made for excellent audio.
  Enough of that happy crap..... There were also problems. We were only able to actually broadcast live from the concert hall once during the series. Each night something was wrong, either no audio or  a loud hum were the culprits. Finally with the purchase of a new receiver box ($100), a new 200' cable, and hooking it up correctly, on June 29th we sounded pretty good for a live show.
 Concessions were provided by various 4H groups in the county. That went great except for the June 29th show when no one showed up and no one told us in advance of the problem. My suggestion for future concerts: WYAP do the concessions in-house offering just drinks and packaged munchies. Tiff has offered us a free Frig (that works) to be placed in the gym.
 This year, now aware from downtown Clay, crowds were none existent. We averaged 18 in attendance each night. With few in the audience, we need to rethink our fund raising efforts like 50/50 drawings, cake walks, prizes and such. So far this summer the station netted $180 or so.
 All in all, with the strong help of our volunteers, the concerts went very well but still in need of some fine tuning.  The ever evolving WYAP-LP continues to offer Clay County with something special. AW


  The last four weeks have been a banner time for YAP radio. Our on air presence grew greatly aided by the addition of Crystal S to the daily line up. Five days a week Crystal provided top of the hour local information as well as the 60 minute Crystal Clear program. Documented response comes in the form of internet listeners which regularly averaged 6 online. That's quite an improvement! Additionally, Crystal completely organized our board meeting files and added all to the wyap web site. Both something we've been lacking for months if not years.
  Sadly for us, Crystal found full time gain employment and will continue at the station one day per week plus some short hops when she can fit it in her schedule.
  Crystal will be missed big time.
  Our other worker was Stephanie S who lasted about 2 weeks at best before seeing full time work elsewhere.
   Equipment wise: One of our web cams is not being recognized by puter 4; the router is acting up resulting in a total shut down of the station at the worst times of day; and, our todo backup system needs to be re set up with the addition of a donated 1 T external hard drive.
   We are in desperate need of one or two headphones for the live booth. Both are units turned to mush in the last four weeks. I hope to order the same models which lasted2 years which is a record for us.
  This is the first summer in our new digs. The improved a/c is much appreciated. Our first 6 months here have been great.
   Broadcasters Avis, Dave, Roho and Arron are doing good stuff and showing up for regular programming. That's wonderful and helps grow our support base. Brian K has yet to resume his Wed evening program.
  Money matters (2minutes) and good heavens astrology (3 minutes) are now in our playlist as we try to plug holes left by canned shows that have discontinued service
  So far this summer, things are good at the station.

WYAP-LP 101.7 FM
Board Meeting
Aug 13 2013   5:15pm
Valley Fork Station
Everyone Welcome

 Financial Report - Beth
 $300 grant
 $1000 grant
 $ACF Grant
 Repay grant loan
 Membership campaign
Station Report
 New programs: Suspense, Money matters, Blue Light Central
 Crystal Clear Wed’s at 4pm
 Earphones needed
 Web cam needed
Schoolhouse Concerts
 Last concert coming
 Bomont 4h Concessions
 Cleaning out the Gym
 Storing stage
Haunted House?
New email address needed
Football Season
Unmeet Needs
Anything Else

July 2013 Meeting Minutes
July 16th 2013

Present: Fred. Pete, Dave, Andy, Crystal
   Meeting minutes were approved
   In the way of housekeeping, Crystal completed the record updates for all all agendas, minutes, station reports, etc. The public records are now in three ring binders and on the shelf behind the roundtable.
   Receipts for the balance of a Budget Digest grant ($300) have been provided the County Clerk. All receipts for a $1000 Digest grant have also been given to the Clerk. Expect payment in a month or so.  There are errors on the Financial report indicting we’re still paying for the Stream My Station service. We’re not.
   The year end report for the Appalachian Community Fund grant has been mailed out. We should receive the $$$ in a couple weeks.
   We have a $25000 equipment only grant ready to be spent.
   Beth  came up with a list of names and addresses for solicitation during our membership campaign.  Crystal penned a new beggin’ letter and is addressing and sending out 20 please weekly. So far one response.
  The station report was given.
  The 2013 Schoolhouse Concert report was given
   Dave Pete and Andy said they would be available this Saturday at noon to try and take down the telescoping tower on Triplett Ridge.

Aug 2013

  Each morning this station has aired Aljazeera News for a number of years. The independent with a world perspective broadcast will become unavailable to non profits effective Aug 19th.  As of then, we will not have an early morning news show for our listeners.
  On the plus side, the two hour long Blue Line Central program is now aired each Tuesday. We have also acquired 30 minute segments (17 so far) of a late night scary show, Suspense Theater. New filler shorts include: Pulse of the Planet ( 2 minutes) and Money Matters (3min).
   Patch Daycare kids return to the Friday Roho Show beginning the week of August 22nd when school reopens.
   Crystal Samples now volunteers at the station each Wed afternoon. She continues to do a bunch of the paperwork including the membership campaign, ripping Midnight Special shows, recording new PSAs, and otherwise, keeping the place straight.
  Our regular broadcasters, Dave, Avis, Aaron, and Roho continue with good results. The Friday morning YWCA Family Abuse interviews have not been aired  since July 26th. Hope to get back on track soon.
  Station wise, good HVAC has made this a great summer. There are no complaints or needs as far as accommodations.
 Equipment wise, there are problems this time around. Web Cam 2 has been down for over a month.  Both are headphone sets are shot with the ear pads crumbling. The EAS box remains in like new condition. And, the transmitter at the station needs changed to another frequency for better use during the football season.
   New CHS Athletic Director Greg Knopp says WYAP is good to go for the football season with no changes on their end this season. At last word, TG is ready for another season on the air. Attempts to reach him this week have not successful.
  With money available, I plan to order three new headphones identical to the ones we are still using, order a new web cam ( around $75).
   Also, for the last concert of the year, I’m going to order around $20 worth of Oriental Trading Co junk for giveaways.  On the same note, the Bomont 4Hers will handle the August 31st concessions.


Bd Meeting
Sept 10  2013   5:15pm
At the Station
Everyone Welcome

 $1000 grant received
 paid off loan
 $2500 grant 
       purchased router, two headphones, want: on air light and recording light plus small generator
 membership campaign update
 Football sponsors
Schoolhouse Concerts
Station Report
 Stream My Station  service now in use
 Football season, TG, 10 games
 New router
 Backup line
 New shows, Duece, Blue Light Central
Oct Cornhole Fundraiser
Oct 15 FCC Filing Window VERY IMPORTANT

Sept 2013

    Outdoor concerts are now in the history books. The new digital recorder purchased did an excellent job. Most of the concerts were heard live and then rebroadcast a day later. Each group received a CD of their performance before going home each evening. One girl was injured while playing outside Doctor Magley was on hand that night and handled first aid duties.
  On the down side, there was still a slight hum during each live show. Not sure the reason.
  In our present location , offering the current shows, we need to reevaluate the package.
  Lisa Lewis donated a used web cam to the station . Pete made the install and the thing is doing wonderful with crisp clear images on the net.
  The first two CHS football games have been aired. We have a problem with getting disconnected on the phone line. Total time off air is just a few minutes but it is bad for our listeners. During both games, we had around or over, 25 online listeners.  In Sept., Charleston listener Terri Allen commented that the sportscast was clear and appreciated.
    To correct that cut out problem, Pete replaced the network router ($50). We still got disconnected at half time on August 30th.
  During the baseball season, WYAP had the college phone line as a backup. With them gone,  that backup is also kapoot. The current keeper of  587-1191, is not allowed to  use the line for anything other than govt business.
   We currently have 9 football sponsors which will be invoiced later this month.
  Since last meeting, Beth Duffield resigned from bookkeeping duty citing that she is just too overloaded with home duties to continue.
   Equipment wise, the two new headphones arrived, are in service, and doing great.
  I emailed Lucy C. seeking more community service workers for the station To date, they have no one qualified for duty.
  Our volunteer broadcasters are doing great, and providing great local content.
  Lets talk about a cornhole championship in Oct as a fundraiser for the station.
Prepared by AW


Oct 14 2013 Agenda

WYAP-LP 101.7 FM
Oct 14    5:15pm
At the station
Everyone Welcome

FCC Application
  Membership campaign over
  Football sponsors, billing
  Spend grant: generator
  Fall Fundraiser
Station report
  DSL outage
  New programs
  Broken equipment, hum in two units
  Found Wilson Douglas tunes, Benny Hodge Album, Clark Kessinger
Anything else?

Oct 2013 Station Report

   The most serious event since the last Board meeting was the station going dark for seven full days beginning Sept 23rd at 11:48 am. The outage was a result of the Frontier internet bill not being paid for months.  CAEZ is responsible for  paying all utilities at Valley Fork school. 
   During the outage, WYAP was able to broadcast the Friday night Nicholas County game by moving the gear over to Delta Communications. Once again Pete T came thru with the tech savvy.
   We have a new Monday thru Friday FSN 30 minute news program to replace Free Speech News. FSN also offers a couple daily 3 minutes modules. In the way of other programming, 101.7 is now offering other short pieces including: money matters (2minutes), pulse of the planet (3minutes) and science and sea (2 minutes) in addition to the long standing, good heavens astrology show, loh down on science, and Isla earth. The little modules really adds to the information base. New full length shows include Laurt Sharck show (music) and coming Nov 1st, the 30 minute, talk show creative Beat.
   Crystal has recorded several new PSA’s, ripped current Midnight Specials, and is adding to our Friday playlist by converting old LP records to mp3 format, Clark Kessinger, Benny Hodge, and  James Wilson Douglas. Sad for us, Crystal has less than 50 hours of volunteer time left at the station. At one afternoon per week, Crystal will be out of here around Christmas time.  She’s going to be hard to replace.
  For the football season, Stream my Station ($25/month) was activated. Our biggest listening period ever was three weeks ago when he held 88 listeners during one home game.
  Volunteers Avis, Roho, Dave, Aaron, and Brian continue to offer great local programming. Aaron’s Awakener Show moved to Monday nights at 7pm.
    We either have two pieces of busted equipment or our big mixer board is going haywire. If it’s the little stuff, we may have some warranty discounts due us. If it’s the big Arrakis mixer board, we’re in trouble. That would have to be sent back to the manufacturer with a two week turnaround period.
   With the ACF grant geared toward health programming, we need to get started on adding shows on those topics.
   The biggest event in 12 years is the FCC filing window for adding new stations and repeaters. The window opens Oct 15th. With  the govt shutdown in place, there may be a delay in the filing period.
 In the way of recommendations, we need to purchase a new , small, generator for emergency operations at the station. Grant funds are available for it. Also, we need two lights, one ON AIR and another, RECORDING. Each are available online for around $50 each. 

Station report prepared by AW

October 2013 Financial Report

Beginning Balance:  $1516.17
Checks Written:
Ck# 2394  $     25.80  CAEZ Gym/Electric
Ck# 2395  $   200.00  CAEZ-Rent
POS  $         .02  Wal-Mart
POS  $     25.00 Stream My Station
POS  $     47.69 Wal-Mart
POS  $     19.62 Wal-Mart

Deposits Made:
9-25-13 $1,297.00 
· $     100.00  David Walker-Football/Baseball Sponsor
· $       50.00  Agnes Davis-Donation
· $       30.00 Eloise Boggs-Membership 
· $  1,000.00 Digest Grant
· $       20.00 Star Communication-Donation
· $       30.00 Irene Cantrell-Membership
· $       30.00 Ronald Donaldson-Membership

Checks Written Since this bank statement of 9-30-13
POS  $      25.00

Deposits Since last statement
To Be Deposited $560.21
· $         5.00 Anonymous Donation
· $        20.00 Star Communication-Donation
· $      115.21 Clay County Commission-Budget Digest
· $        30.00 Bonnie Summers-Membership
· $        30.00 Dennis Sutton-Membership
· $        10.00 Jerry Stover-Donation
· $        30.00 David Grigsby-Membership
· $      100.00 Clay County BDA-Signage Grant
· $        30.00 Deana Carte-Membership
· $        30.00 Natalie Cole-Membership
· $        60.00 Gene DeFabio-Membership
· $      100.00 Mitchel King-Donation

Best Guess of Balance as of 10-9-13:  $2508.97

Prepared by CGS


Nov 11 2013
At the Station
Everyone Welcome

Dave’s Hall of Fame Idea
FCC Applications and Deadline
Financial Report
   Winter Fundraisers
   Winter Dances
    Adding  On Air Voices
Station Report
   New ON AIR sign
Rent Increase 
Basketball Season Coming
Anything Else

Nov 2013 Station Report

 Our latest addition is a  58 minutes talking interview show called Creative Beat. In Sept we lost the daily Free Speech Radio News show. On Nov 18th Feature News will fold leaving WYAP without a weekday newscast. Free daily shows are getting harder to come by.
  Aaron Shamblin’s Awakener Program moved to Monday night’s beginning at 7pm.
  Last summer WYAP purchased a device that brings in the gym audio to the station. In mid summer the rascal started making a hum. The manufacturer has issued a recall number and the thing has been mailed back to them. The hope is, we get a brand new one at no cost.
  An ON AIR light has been ordered from ebay. The Bd voted to purchase that as well as a RECORDING light. Lets see how this one works before ordering the next one.  The Bd also OK’d the purchase of  anew generator for the emergency operations. I am still looking for a good unit at a value price.
  Volunteers continue their efforts on air and are providing a good product. During the Roho show in Oct, Mike Evans and Ferrell Davis from Sissonville performed live at the station.
  The CHS football season went very well with successful sportscasts each game. We tried to air the Middle School Championship but no cell phone coverage in Walton prevented that. The station owes TG and Dave a big thank you note and some small compensation.
   Basketball season starts around Thanksgiving. We plan to air around 22 games this year.
   The CAEZ Bd. of Directors plan to raise rent on tenants at VF. Not sure when nor how much. We need to read over the lease to be sure of our position.
   We need to discuss what fundraiser dances we’re going to offer this winter. Christmas? New Years? Valentine? I haven’t talked with Tiffany on how much time she can volunteer.       AW 

November 2013 Financial Report

Beginning Balance:  $2,495.08

Checks Written:
· POS   $    25.00
· POS   $    30.00
· Ck # 2393  $    50.00

Deposits Made:   10-10-13 $560.21

· $        5.00 Anonymous-Donation
· $      20.00 Star Communication-Donation
· $    115.21 Clay County Commission-Budget Digest
· $      30.00 Bonnie Summers-Membership
· $      30.00 Dennis Sutton-Membership
· $      10.00 Jerry Stover-Donation
· $      30.00 David Grigsby-Membership
· $    100.00 Clay County BDA-Signage Contract
· $      30.00 Deana Carte-Membership
· $      30.00 Natalie Cole-Membership
· $      60.00 Gene DeFabio-Membership
· $    100.00 Mitchel King-Donation

Checks Written Since This Bank Statement of 10-31-13
POS  $     25.00 (Stream My Nation)
Ck#2397 $   200.00 (CAEZ Rent)
Ck#2398 $   200.00 (Old Rent-Dan Sizemore) 
Ck#2396 $       6.30 (Gym Electric)

Deposits Since Last Statement
To Be Deposited  $290.00
· $       50.00 Fred & Liz Sampson-Football Sponsor
· $       60.00 David Wayne-Membership
· $       30.00 Phyllis Noe-Membership
· $       50.00 Delta Communication-Football Sponsor
· $       50.00 Total Comfort and Heating-Football Sponsor
· $       50.00 Clay County Bank-Football Sponsor

Best Guess of Balance as of 11-6-13:  $2343.97

Prepared by CGS

Oct 14 2013 Meeting Minutes

Present: Pete, Andy, Dave, Crystal

   Financial report was presented. Dave suggested that a financial report be included with year end messages to members and supporters. Motion by  Dave, second by Andy, Motion passed
    Motion by Dave, second by Andy to purchase a new generator with a budget set up to $800.  Motion passed
   Discussion on future fundraisers. No decisions
   Station report was presented.  Motion by Dave, second by Fred to accept report.
   Discussion on health programming for the winter months to comply with ACF grant funding. Currently WYAP offers Layna Berman’s Your Own Health and Fitness program as well as YWCA Resolve interviews, and various healthy earth shows.
  Motion by Dave, second by Andy to purchase two lights, one ON AIR, and a second with RECORDING for the concert hall (gym).
  The stage has been partially dismantled and placed out of the way for the Haunted House season.
   Discussion on growing local content programming on 101.7 FM
  Discussion on the uncertain FCC filing window deadline.
Minutes prepared by AW


Dec 12, 2013
At the Station
Everyone Welcome

 $2000 Budget Digest (generator)
Station report
 Puter 3 not restarting correctly
 Puter 3 DVD player not recognized
 New ON AIR sign  ($40)
 Crystal Hours
FCC Applications
New Year’s Eve Party
 Who’s doing What
Anything else?

December 2013 Financial Statement (as of 12/05/13)

Beginning Balance: $2343.97

 Checks Written:
· $ 200.00 CAEZ Rent (Check # 2397)(Paid 10/30)
·   $ 25.00 Stream My Nation ( Auto-10/31)
· $ 200.00 Dan Sizemore (Old Rent) (Check # 2398)(Paid 11/6)
· $ 200.00 CAEZ Rent (Check #2399)(Paid 11/15)
· $   50.00 TG/Expenses (Check #2400)(Paid 12/3)
· $   50.00 Dave Woods/Expenses (Check #2401)(Paid 12/3)
· $ 256.64 State Auto Insurance (POS-11/27)
· $   25.00 Stream My Nation (Auto 11/30)

 Deposits Made: $290.00 (11/12/13)
· $  50.00 Fred & Elizabeth Sampson/Football Sponsor(ck#7639)
· $  60.00 David Wayne/Membership(ck#2524)
· $  30.00 Phyllis Noe/Membership(ck#6454)
· $  50.00 Delta Communications/Football Sponsor(ck#4618)
· $  50.00 Total Comfort and Heating/Football Sponsor(ck#1986)
· $  50.00 Clay County Bank/Football Sponsor(ck#78603)
 Deposits Made: $300.00 (11/30/13)
· $300.00 Delta Communications/Donation
Ending Balance: $2062.33

Deposits Not Credited
 To Be Deposited: $125.00
· $  50.00 Updegrave Insurance/Football Sponsor(ck#2270)
· $  20.00 Star Communications/Donation(ck#6412)
· $  50.00  Clay Family Pharmacy/Football Sponsor(ck#1136)

 $2,187.33  Balance Best Guess as of 12/05/13

2014 Board Info

January 2014 Board Info

January 2014 Financial Report

Beginning Balance:  $2,187.33

Checks Written:

· POS   $ 25.00 (Stream my STATION)(11/29/13)
· POS   $ 93.24 (Staples)(12/4/13)
· POS   $ 21.44 (WalMart)(12/12/13)
· POS   $ 14.76 (Family Dollar)(12/13/13)
· Ck#2400  $ 50.00 (TG Griffith-expenses)(11/29/13)
· Ck#2401  $ 50.00 (Dave Woods-expenses)(11/29/13)
· Ck#2402  $ 50.00 (Crystal Samples)(12/12/13)
· Ck#2403  $200.00 (CAEZ-rent)(12/16/13)
· Ck#2404  $45.00 (Pacifica)(12/16/13)

Deposits Made:

· 12/2/13  $300.00 Delta Communications Donation
· 12/30/13  $125.00
o Ck#2270- $50.00 Updegrave Ins(football sponsor)
o Ck#6412- $20.00 Star Communications (donation)
o Ck#1136- $50.00 Clay Pharmacy (football sponsor)
o Cash-      $  5.00 (redeposit, after card activation)

Checks Written Since This Bank Statement of 12-31-13 

· POS   $  25.00(Stream my Station)(1/1/13)

Deposits to be made:

· $20.00   Star Communications(donation)

Best Guess Balance as of 1/15/14:   $1713.21

To Be Paid: 
· SESAC $143.00 Due Date: 1/31/14
· ASCAP $272.00 

February 2014 Board Info

February 2014 Financial Report

Beginning Balance: $1713.21

Checks Written:
· $  25.00 (Stream my Station) (12/30/13)
· $200.00 (CAEZ-rent) (1/15/14)
· $  32.00 (Magic Jack)(1/17/14)
· $  52.97 (Wal-Mart-New Phone) (1/18/14)
· $  25.00 (Stream My Station) (1/30/14)
· $  25.00 (WV State Agency Surplus Property) (1/9/14)

Deposits to be Made: $40.00
· $  20.00 (Star Communications-Donation)(Ck#6466)(12/18/14)
· $  20.00 (Star Communications-Donation)(Ck#6521)(1/18/14)

Best Guess Balance as of 2/5/14:  $1378.24

To Be Paid:
· SESAC $143.00
· ASCAP $272.00
· BMI  $319.00

Prepared by cgs

March 2014 Board Info

March 2014 Financial Report

March 2014 Financial Statement

Beginning Balance: $1378.24

Checks Written:
· $  35.00 (Crystal Samples, Bookkeeping) (Ck# 2406) (2/14/14)
· $200.00 (CAEZ Rent) (Ck# 2407) (2/14/14)
· $  23.83 (Mountaineer Mini Storage) (POS 2/19/14)
· $  50.00 (HHHS Fee) (Ck# 2408) (2/25/14)
· $  50.00 (HHHS Boys Fee) (Ck# 2410) (2/28/14)
· $  50.00 (TG Expenses) (Ck # 2411) (2/28/14)
· $  50.00 (Dave W. Expenses) (Ck# 2412) (2/28/14)
· $  25.00 (Stream My Station) (AUTO 2/28/14)
· $125.00 (Poca HS Royalty) (Ck # 2413) (3/5/14)

Deposits To Be Made:
· $130.00
o Ck # 330--Jessie Sez--$50.00—Basketball Sponsor
o Ck # 1015--Busy Bees Flowers--$10.00—Basketball Sponsor
o Ck # 7646—Michael Asbury--$50.00—Basketball Sponsor
o Ck # 6572—Star Communications--$20.00—Donation
Best Guess Balance As Of  3/5/14:   $676.68

To Be Paid:
· SESAC $143.00
· ASCAP $272.00
· BMI  $319.00

Prepared by CGS

April 2014 Board Info

April 2014 Financial Report

April 2014 Financial Report

Beginning Balance: 1386.41

Checks Written:

· POS   $  25.00 (Stream My Station) (3/29/14)
· Ck# 2408  $  50.00 (HHHS Fee) (2/25//14)
· Ck# 2409  $  36.25 (USPO) (2/28/14)
· Ck# 2410  $  50.00 (HHHS Boys Fee) (2/28/14)
· Ck# 2411  $  50.00 (TG Expenses) (2/28/14)
· Ck# 2412  $  50.00 (Dave W. Expenses) (2/28/14)
· Ck# 2413  $125.00 (Poca HS Royalty) (3/5/14)

Checks Written Since This Bank Statement of 3/31/14

· Ck# 2414  $200.00 (CAEZ Rent) (3/20/14)
· POS   $  25.00 (Stream My Station) (3/31/14)

Deposits Made Since This Statement of 3/31/14

v $130.00  (4/4/14)
v $450.00  (4/4/14)
     § M. Mullins   $  50.00
     § Scott Gibson   $  50.00
     § Star Communication  $  20.00
     § Agnes Davis   $100.00
     § Jim Ryan    $  30.00
     § Delta    $  50.00
     § Barker Construction  $  50.00
     § Total Comfort   $  50.00
     § Clay Co. Bank   $  50.00

v $413.00  (4/9/14)
     § Bits & Pieces Flowers  $  50.00
     § Jeanie Realty   $  75.00
     § Delta Reimburse   $188.00
     § Dave Walker   $  50.00
     § Clay Auto Parts   $  50.00

Best Guess Balance as of 4/9/14                 $1768.06

May 2014 Board Info

May 2014 Agenda

May 2014 agenda

Board of Directors Meeting
May 12 2014
At the Station
Everyone Welcome

 Bank Loan
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April 2014 Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes
April 14, 2014

Present: Fred, Roho, Andy, Dave

Motion by Dave, 2nd by Andy, March minutes approved
Motion by Dave, second by Andy, approve financial statement
   As requested last month to check into moving the station back to Clay, no update during this meeting. Will make the report in May
   Discussion on the upcoming effort to grow two more community radio stations in the county. Consensus: the more listeners to community radio, the better.
  Discussion on the now in progress candidate forum. Four candidates have been or will be interviewed this week. Three more are scheduled for April 30th. This year, interviews can be performed about any time to fit the candidate’s schedule with encore airings coming May 12th.
   Motion by Andy, 2nd by Dave to table hosting a  Spring Dance. We just don’t have enough manpower to pull off the event. Motion passed.
   Discussion on the upcoming School House concerts in June. One suggestion included getting a country band with  a big following like Country Fried
   Discussion on airing the upcoming Elk River Fest in Clay if WYAP has enough volunteers available June 6 and 7th. Suggestion that we may have better luck recording the live shows and then airing them on  a delayed basis. No decision made
   Meeting adjourned 6:30pm

May 2014 Financial Statement

May 2014 Financial Report

Beginning Balance: 1000.16

Checks Written:

· POS  $25.00 (Stream My Station)
· POS  $64.00 (Techsoup)

Deposits Made:

· $130.00 (4/4/14)
· $450.00 (4/4/14)
o M. Mullins   $ 50.00
o Scott Gibson   $ 50.00
o Star Communication  $ 20.00
o Agnes Davis   $100.00
o Jim Ryan   $ 30.00
o Delta Communication  $ 50.00
o Barker Construction  $ 50.00
o Total Comfort   $ 50.00
o Clay Co. Bank   $ 50.00

Checks Written Since This Statement of 4/6/14

· Ck #2414  $200.00 (CAEZ Rent) (3/20/14)
· Ck #2415  $200.00 (CAEZ Rent) (4/16/14)
· Ck #2416  $325.00 (BMI) (4/17/14)
· Ck #2417  $  40.00 (Crystal Samples, Bookkeeping) (5/6/14)

Deposits Made Since This Statement of 4/6/14

· $413.00 (4/9/14)
o Bits & Pieces Flowers  $  50.00
o Jeanie Realty   $  75.00
o Delta Reimburse  $188.00
o Dave Walker   $  50.00
o Clay Auto Parts  $  50.00

Deposits To Be Made

· $50.00  (Jim Ryan)(4/10/14)

Best Guess Balance as of 5/8/14   $1139.16

June 2014 Board Info

May 2014 Minutes

WYAP Board Meeting
May 12 2014

Present: Pete, Andy, Dave, Fred, Liz

   Motion by Andy to accept April meeting minutes, second by Dave, Motion passed
   Financial report accepted by Andy, second by Dave. Motion passed.
   Discussion on sending a loan request letter to Mike Lockhart at Premier Bank for a $6000 loan to be repaid from Budget Digest grant. Andy will send the letter.
   Discussion on possible move to David Derby’s building on Main Street. No new information available at the time of the meeting.
   Discussion on the Arrakis mixer board not working properly but without a back up while the Arrakis is in the shop, the station will do nothing for now.
    Station report was received.
    Liz suggested contacting the Div of Rehab Services for possible intern use from that govt agency. Contact is Denise Reedy. Andy will make the call.
    Long discussion on the just completed candidate interview program and the changes made from previous versions.
  To get ready for Schoolhouse Concerts in June, the gym needs power washed again. Andy’s power washer is broke. No one else had an alternate unit to use. Pete and Dave will try to find one.
    For the Concerts, Andy reported that due to advancing ages and cost of travel, getting artists to perfom is getting tougher.
  Minutes prepared by Andy W

June 2014 Financial Statement

June 2014 Financial Statement

Beginning Balance: 1491.16

Checks Written:

· Ck #2414   $200.00 (CAEZ Rent)
· Ck #2415   $200.00 (CAEZ Rent)

Deposits Made:

· $413.00 (4/9/14)
o Bits & Pieces Flowers  $  50.00
o Jeanie Realty   $  75.00
o Delta Reimburse   $188.00
o Dave Walker   $  50.00
o Clay Auto Parts   $  50.00

Checks Written Since This Statement of 4/30/14

· Ck #2416  $325.00 (BMI) (4/17/14)
· Ck #2417  $  40.00 (Crystal Samples) (5/6/14)
· Ck #2418  $200.00 (CAEZ Rent) (5/16/14)
· Ck #2419  $  35.00 (Crystal Samples) (6/5/14)

Deposits Made Since This Statement of 4/30/14

· $    50.00 (Jim Ryan) (5/22/14)
· $1130.00 (5/23/14)

Deposits To Be Made

· $   89.65
o $    9.65(Ck# 4793) (Delta Communications)
o $  60.00(Ck# 2758) (David Wayne)
o $  20.00 (Ck# 6724) (Star Communication

Best Guess Balance as of 6/5/14  $2173.81

To Be Paid:

· ASCAP (272.00)
· SESAC (143.00)
· State Auto (606.76)

August 2014 Board Info

July 2014 Financial Statement


Beginning Balance:  $4,792.40

Checks Written:

· Ck#2423  $4950.00 (FM Broadcast)(7/22/14)
· Ck#2424  $  216.53 (CAEZ Rent & Electric) (7/25/14)
· POS   $      9.12 (Deposit Slips) (7/23/14)
· POS   $    19.00 (

Deposits Made:

· 7/14/14  $  606.76 (Insurance Reimbursement)
· 7/21/14  $  275.00 (Sponsor & Derby Donations)

Checks Written Since This Bank Statement of 7/31/14

· Ck#2425  $  105.98 (Delta/2 Battery Backup)(7/29/14)
· Ck#2426  $  251.00 (Coffman Insurance)(8/16/14)

Best Guess Balance as of 8/13/14:  $1147.38

October 2014 Board Info

September 2014 Financial Statement

Beginning Balance: 2153.08

Checks Written:

· Ck#2428  $  24.00 (USPS)(8/15/14)
· Ck#2429  $200.00 (CAEZ Rent)(8/16/14)
· Ck#2430  $200.00 (CAEZ Rent)
· POS   $  34.95 (Wal-Mart)(10-2-14)

Deposits Made:

· $190.00
o $20.00 (Star Communication-Donation)
o $20.00 (Star Communication-Donation)
o $50.00 (Greg Fitzwater-Ad)
o $50.00 (David Wayne-Ad)
o $50.00 (Mitchel King-Sponsor)

· $  120.00
o Delta
o Star Communication

· $4000.00
o State Grant

Deposits To Be Made:

· $50.00  (Mike Asbury-Football Sponsor)
· $50.00  (Country Short Stop-Football Sponsor)

Best Guess Balance as of 10/8/14:  $6104.13

To Be Paid:
· ASCAP $272.00

Statement prepared by cgs without bank statement, used checkbook only!!

2015 Board Info

January 2015 Board Info

December 2014 Financial Statement
Beginning Balance: 135.53

Checks Written:

· Check #2438 $200.00 (CAEZ Rent)
· Check #2439 $  32.00 (Crystal Samples-Bookkeeping)(1-7-15)

Deposits Made:

· $200.00  (Membership Fees-Dave, Andy, Fred, Liz, Pete)
· $100.00  (Basketball Sponsors-Greg, D. Wayne)

Best Guess Balance as of 1-7-15: $203.53

February 2015 Board Info

January 2015 Financial Statement

Beginning Balance: $253.53

Checks Written:

· Check # 2438   $200.00 (CAEZ Rent)(12-22-15)
· Check # 2439   $  32.00 (Crystal-Book Keeping)(1-16-15)
· POS    $    5.39 (Magic Jack)(1-20-15)
· POS    $  37.73 (Magic Jack)(1-20-15)

Deposits Made:

· $300.00 (Derby, AW, Fred & Liz, Pete, Bball Greg, D. Wayne)12-16-15)
· $  80.00 (I. Cantrell, R. Donelson-Members, Star Comm.)(1-20-15)
· $200.00 (Bball Barker, Advantage, Bits & Pieces, CCB)(1-30-15)
· $450.00 (Members-Grigsby, Pierson, E Boggs, G Defabio, Star)(1-30-15)

Checks Written Since This Bank Statement:

· Check #2440   $210.00 (CAEZ Rent)(1-16-16)
· Check #2441   $143.00 (SESAC 2014)(1-28-15)
· Check #2442   $332.00 (BMI 2014)(1-28-15)

Deposits To Be Made:

· $145.00 
§ (Sponsors-Delta, Clay Family Pharmacy)
§ (Members-Marlyn &Dottie Starcher)
§ (Anonymous Donation)

Best Guess Balance as of 2-9-15  $350.41

Statement prepared by CGS

March 2015 Board Info

February 2015 Financial Statement


Beginning Balance: $350.41

Checks Written:

· Check #2443   $210.00 (CAEZ Rent)(2/17/15)
· Check #2444   VOID
· Check #2445   $125.00 (Royalty WVSSAC)(3/4/15)
· Check #2446   $  24.00 (USPS 6 months)(3/4/15) 

Deposits Made:

· $2800.00    (Fred)(2/17/15)
· $  170.00

Best Guess Balance as of 3/11/15  $2951.41

Statement prepared by CGS with checkbook only!!!

April 2015 Board Info

March 2015 Financial Statement

Beginning Balance:  $2951.41

Checks Written:

· Check# 2447 $    32.00   (Crystal Book Keeping)(3/11/15)
· POS   $    15.89   (Radio Shack-Cable)(3/28/15)
· Check# 2448 $  210.00   (Rent CAEZ)(3/19/15)
· Check# 2449  VOID
· Check #2450 $2800.00???? (Fred Reimbursement)(4/6/15)

Deposits Made:

· $  420.00  (Star Comm., CCHS, Greg Fitz., Kevin Duff)
· $2532.10  (3/30/15)

Best Guess Balance As Of 4/8/15:  $2920.62

Statement Prepared by CGS with checkbook only!!

May 2015 Board Info

April 2015 Financail Statement

Beginning Balance:  2920.62
Checks Written:

· Check #2440  $  210.00 (CAEZ Rent)(3-19-15)
· Check #2443  $  210.00 (CAEZ Rent)(3-19-15)
· Check #2445  $  125.00 (Royalty WVSSAC)(3-27-15)
· Check #2446  $    24.00 (USPS 6 months)(3-9-15)
· Check #2447  $    32.00 (Crystal Samples)(3-16-15)
· POS   $2476.66 (BSW)(3-6-15)
· POS   $    24.00 (Rite Aid)(3-30-15)

Deposits Made:

· $2800.00  3-2-15
· $  170.00  3-4-15
· $    75.00  3-20-15
· $2532.10  3-30-15

Checks Written Since this statement of 3-31-15

· Ck#2449  VOID
· Ck#2450  $2800.00 (Fred Reimbursement)(4-6-15)
· Ck#2451  $  210.00 (CAEZ Rent)(4-15-15)

Deposits To Be Made:

· $40.00   (Star Comm)

Best Guess Balance as of 5-6-15: $223.34

Prepared by CGS with March Bank Statement and Checkbook (no April Bank Statement)